Beginning January 4 - New Class

2014-12-23 13:02:46 tkhein


9:00 AM in Wesley Hall

An Introduction Video

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Flowing With Pastor Flo - January 2015

2014-12-30 12:27:55 pat
Before Jesus was born in the Bethlehem manger, many people had prayed for the  Messiah to come. One such man was Simeon, to whom the Holy Spirit revealed he would not see death before looking upon the Messiah.
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How Cold Weather Affects Your Health

2014-12-30 13:13:33 pat
As the cold weather begins to set in, our bodies must prepare themselves for the harsh winter ahead.  Here are a few of the reasons that we are more prone to illness during the colder months, and tips on how to protect our bodies in lieu of these changes.  Read on to find out how to keep your immune system strong against the winter chill. 
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