Parking Lot Worship Service August 2 at 10:00 AM

2020-08-01 18:40:14 tkhein

Parking lot Worship Service August 2, 2020 – Watch live at 9:50 AM or watch a recording of service after 10:45 AM

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From the desk of Pastor Stan

2020-07-31 17:00:59 pat
Learning to Lead Like Jesus With Encouragement—Chapter Ten Takeaways
  1. Encouraging leaders look every day for ways to encourage those they meet.
  2. Encouraging leaders are prayerful givers of customized courage.
  3. Encouraging leaders are generous givers of their time and money.
  4. Encouraging leaders take risks on flawed but potentially faithful leaders.
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Hot Weather!

2020-07-31 17:12:06 pat
Elderly people (that is, people aged 65 years and older) are more prone to heat stress than younger people for several reasons: Elderly people do not adjust as well as young people to sudden changes in temperature. They are more likely to have a chronic medical condition that changes normal body responses to heat. They are more likely to take prescription medicines that impair the body’s ability to regulate its temperature or that inhibit perspiration.
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