Sunday Worship & Sunday School

2016-07-29 12:36:41 pat

9:00 am – Prayz & Worship Service, Sanctuary

9:00 am-  Sunday School

9:50 am-  Fellowship, Activity Center

10:30 am – Traditional Worship Service, Sanctuary

(Children’s Church after Children’s Time, age K-2nd)

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Tim's Tidbits

2016-12-31 11:16:40 pat
Myra and I have had numerous conversations over the years stating that it would sure be nice if life would be normal again.  And by that we are thinking about when life was not so hectic and we didn’t have many of the responsibilities that we have today.  But as we have gotten older, and hopefully more mature and wiser, we have come to realize that normal is what is happening now.
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Who Do You Call When There Is Nowhere Else To Turn? DIAL 2-1-1

2016-12-31 11:31:56 pat
United Way funds 2-1-1 , an information and referral line that connects Quad Citians to the services they need, including help with childcare, food, rent, or any other health and human services need. 
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