Prayz & Worship Service

2015-12-02 19:01:38 pat

A new worship offering is on the horizon.  With the start of the Advent season on November 29, which is also the start of the church calendar year, a Prayz & Worship Service will begin at 9:00 a.m.  During Advent, we will worship in the sanctuary.  In January, we will continue in the sanctuary and  unveil our Bethel Wesley Prayz Band and Worship Team.

We will also continue to worship at 10:30 a.m. with our Traditional Worship Service in the sanctuary.  Realizing that different worship styles appeal to various individuals, our goal is to make disciples for Jesus Christ as we praise the Lord in whatever format that may be.  Let’s make Bethel Wesley UMC a church with a future.

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2015-08-03 15:01:17 pat
February is commonly referred to as the “Month of Love” because of Valentine’s Day.  It is a day for lovers to express their feelings (love) for their mate.  And while this can be accomplished in many ways, how often do we express the kind of love that God intends us to share?
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2016-02-01 12:21:49 pat
The Spoon River District was asked to pledge $100,000 to help the IGRC Africa University Scholarship Endowment attain a total conference pledge is $1,000,000.  To date they have received $36,000 in pledges from churches and individuals and an additional $3,000 from events  in the District. Each church in the District is being asked to participate in a crusade to accomplish our goal called "Give Up For Lent"
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