Sunday Worship & Sunday School

2016-07-29 12:36:41 pat

9:00 am – Prayz & Worship Service, Sanctuary

9:00 am-  Sunday School

9:50 am-  Fellowship, Activity Center

10:30 am – Traditional Worship Service, Sanctuary

(Children’s Church after Children’s Time, age K-2nd)

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Tim's Tidbits

2016-09-04 12:03:02 pat
The past few weeks we have had several opportunities to consider our prayer life as we watched “War Room” and to be actively involved in prayer ministry during our prayer vigil for the school year. 
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Cutting Down On Sweets Can Help Kid’s Heart

2016-09-04 12:37:31 pat

Risk Factors Improved After Just 10 Days Of Sugar Restriction, Study Finds

“Tuesday, July 19, 2016 (HealthDay News) – Cutting sugar – not calories – is the key to reducing the risk of heart disease among obese children, a new study suggests. 
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