Sunday Worship & Sunday School

2016-07-29 12:36:41 pat

9:00 am – Prayz & Worship Service, Sanctuary

9:00 am-  Sunday School

9:50 am-  Fellowship, Activity Center

10:30 am – Traditional Worship Service, Sanctuary

(Children’s Church after Children’s Time, age K-2nd)

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Tim's Tidbits

2016-07-29 12:26:01 pat
As I write this article this month, the news media is full of reports concerning violence across our country.  The latest is an ambush on policemen in Baton Rouge, LA.  There have been protest marches; violent acts of crime against police officers and other individuals; and we have to be asking ourselves, “When will it all stop?”  My answer for this is that it won’t stop until  Jesus returns. 
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10 Essentials For Eating Well On The Road

2016-07-29 11:21:45 pat
  1. Small containers of a favorite yogurt. Perfect for a quick breakfast with some berries and whole grain and pumpkin seed granolafor crunch.
  2. No-fuss fruit. Things like organic grapes, berries, cherries and stone fruit like nectarines, peaches or plums are easy to eat with one hand on the wheel.  
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