Sunday Worship & Sunday School

2016-07-29 12:36:41 pat

9:00 am – Prayz & Worship Service, Sanctuary

9:00 am-  Sunday School

9:50 am-  Fellowship, Activity Center

10:30 am – Traditional Worship Service, Sanctuary

(Children’s Church after Children’s Time, age K-2nd)

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Tim's Tidbits

2017-04-04 14:19:37 pat
  • Joins us Easter Sunday for our Sunrise Service at 6:30 am.  (West parking lot; please bring a lawn chair.)
  • Easter Breakfast (including pancakes) will follow.
  • One Easter Worship Service in the Sanctuary at 10:00 am.
Here we are, smack dab in the middle of Lent, heading straight for Easter and the resurrection celebration. Praise God that we live as Easter people and not Good Friday people. As we look at the events leading up to Easter, we find them to be somewhat dismal and depressing. For the week to take such a turn, as it did from Palm Sunday, is almost beyond belief. 
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Walk To Niger Continues . . . .

2017-04-04 14:22:32 pat
We have now completed a couple of weeks of our Walk To Niger to help bring wells of fresh, safe water to villages in Niger, Africa. The miles keep adding up! Our team is doing a great job wearing the tread off their sneakers! Next month I will have an up-to-date mileage to report. If you aren’t walking, you can still help by sponsoring one of our walkers. Donations may be made to Bethel Wesley UMC with “Wells” written in the memo line. 100% of your donation goes to digging, building, and installing new wells. Thanks to all who are participating in any way. 
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