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2015-10-04 15:49:22 pat
In November we will study Paul’s Call To Love and Call To Faith. On Nov.1 during Holy Communion we will remember the saints who have passed on to glory, and we will pray for an end to gun violence, remembering the 335,609 people who have been killed by guns over the past decade. We will continue to celebrate God’s amazing LOVE in song and dance on Nov. 8, and we will review Paul’s life and death in video and drama on Nov 15. We will conclude the study on Nov.22 with an agape feast remembering Paul’s life and legacy in scripture and song.
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2015-08-03 15:01:17 pat
I look at the calendar and still find it hard to believe that November is upon us.  The  autumn season is in full swing with the cooler temperatures, the harvesting of the field crops, and the changing colors of the leaves.  Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away.
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Flu Vaccines

2015-11-16 16:54:08 pat

Flu vaccines suffered some bad PR last winter, after federal officials learned that the 2014-2015 vaccine prevented a mere 19% of flu cases.  But one poorly performing vaccine doesn’t mean that future flue vaccines aren’t beneficial.

Vaccines are developed each year based on which flu strains health professionals believe will be the most predominant in the coming months.  Any flu vaccine reduces your chance of getting the virus, which means you are less likely to miss work, school or time with your family.  If you get the vaccine and still contract the virus, you may not get as sick as you would have otherwise, and that can mean a quicker recovery.

Your Parish Nurse,   Kara

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