Months ago we introduced the Our Conference Our Kids initiative to begin an endowment fund for the spiritual lives of the five organizations in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference that support children and families: The Baby Fold, Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House, Spearo, Chaddock and Cunningham. On April 28th Gay Crede will lead a special worship service at 9:30 am immediately followed by a brunch of egg casseroles and breads prepared by the Missions and Outreach Committee members. Gay is an ambassador of the Our Conference Our Kids and will be bringing us some personal insight and poignant stories from the children she serves at Cunningham home.  <!–split–>

Leading up to April 28th please spend some time with God as you consider how much you can give as a positive and proactive support for the spiritual life and healing of the children of Illinois who have not gotten off to the best start, and are still yearning to know God, and to uncover and unlock potential yet undiscovered.

Missions and Outreach Committee urges you to not just toss in your loose change on April 28, but to plan ahead what you might sacrifice in order to truly support this cause. Perhaps you will eat at home once a week and donate the amount you would have spent eating out. Perhaps you will do an extra chore or job to earn your pledge.  Perhaps you will challenge a group of friends to match your donation. Be creative. Dig deep. Please, all come  together to hear Gay Crede and then fellowship together for brunch. While the brunch will be anonymous donation, we would like to have an idea for how many we should prepare. Please, let Karen know in the office, 764.0619 or write ‘brunch’ on the attendance sheet at church just once so we can compile a tally of guests.

Thank you!   Carolyn Mesick