From the desk of Pastor Jan ….. Are you a Prayer Warrior or Prayer Worrier?

There is a prayer song taught to us in Sunday School. The title is “I Cast All My Cares Upon You”:

I Cast All My Cares Upon You,

I Lay All Of My Burdens Down At Your Feet

And Anytime That I Don’t Know What To Do

I Will Cast All My Cares Upon You

The song tells us to bring all our burdens and worries to God in prayers. Would that make us a prayer worrier instead of prayer warrior? <!–split–>

Prayer worriers lift their burdens and requests to God with doubts. Somehow, they are just verbalizing their worries in prayers, with wavering trust that God will answer their prayers. The prayer warriors on the other hand lift their burdens to God with the complete trust that God already has answers to their prayers.

Prayer worriers are driven by anxiety and fear. Prayer warriors are driven by trust and faith.

Some qualities of Prayer Warriors I read from an article in are these:

  • Prayer warriors are humble. They are consistently putting God’s will and the well-being of others above their own desires.
  • Prayer warriors are persistent. They don’t give up on the battlefield but instead, keep praying and praising until the victory is won.
  • Prayer warriors place their confidence in the Lord. They aren’t immune to things like fear, hurt, uncertainty, or stress – but they walk through them with confidence because of the might and faithfulness of the God they serve.
  • Prayer warriors are patient. They know God’s timing is perfect and are willing to endure hardships and hurts to produce what He has ordained.
  • Prayer warriors remain hopeful. They eagerly anticipate the movement and restoration of the Lord.

 Prayer warriors are also intercessors. They pray on behalf of someone else or for a group. Praying for others is a way of showing loving concern for each other and unity in the community of faith. The prayer loop that we have in church is an example of intercessory prayer.

Pastors need prayer warriors too. I feel blessed every time I ask my prayer warrior-intercessor-friends to pray for me. They are part of my faith journey. They are my prayer partners too. We share each other’s burdens and celebrate God’s answers to our prayers.

Be a Prayer Warrior today!