From the desk of Pastor Stan . . .

Chapter 4—Learning to Lead Like Jesus with Relationships

  1. Relational leaders value relationships—sometimes more than measured results.
  2. Relational leaders understand how relationships affect their quality of life.
  3. Relational leaders value the eternal significance of relationships. <!–split–>
  4. Relational leaders invest their lives in others’ lives.
  5. Relational leaders honor their parents even when they are hard to honor.
  6. Relational leaders engage their children and grandchildren in the ways of wisdom.
  7. Relational leaders view marriage as a laboratory for living out their faith.
  8. Relational leaders do what’s best for everyone instead of showing favoritism.

Chapter 5—Learning to Lead Like Jesus with Teachability

  1. Teachable leaders are ever learning the ways of the Lord.
  2. Teachable leaders learn from other leaders who complement their gifts and skills.
  3. Teachable leaders are careful not to get ahead of themselves or those they lead.
  4. Teachable leaders prepare heart and mind to receive the truth.
  5. Teachable leaders are patient to make things better before becoming bigger.
  6. Teachable leaders have authentic faith that challenges others to have the same.
  7. Teachable leaders grow in their skill to communicate clearly, creatively, and often.
  8. Teachable leaders are willing to move out of their comfort zones and learn new things.
  9. Teachable leaders discuss timeless books and ideas with others.
  10. Teachable leaders love God with their minds by learning and applying His Word.