From the desk of Pastor Stan

Learning to Lead Like Jesus With Encouragement—Chapter Ten Takeaways

  1. Encouraging leaders look every day for ways to encourage those they meet.
  2. Encouraging leaders are prayerful givers of customized courage.
  3. Encouraging leaders are generous givers of their time and money.
  4. Encouraging leaders take risks on flawed but potentially faithful leaders. <!–split–>

Learning to Lead Like Jesus with Faithfulness—Chapter Eleven Takeaways

  1. Faithful leaders walk by faith and trust the Lord with the things that are uncertain.
  2. Faithful leaders focus on depth of character and trust God for breadth of influence.
  3. Faithful leaders remain in service for the Lord beyond their career retirement.
  4. Faithful leaders have plans to manage money well, so money doesn’t manage them.
  5. Faithful leaders pursue God and receive His wisdom on how to live life.
  6. Faithful leaders put into practice what they learn.
  7. Faithful leaders are vulnerable and share their hearts.
  8. Faithful leaders develop successors who can successfully lead to the next level.
  9. Faithful leaders finish well.