Honoring Bishop Frank J. Beard: A Prayer Guide, Week of September 5

As we gather in prayer today, we will be praying for Bishop Beard and for Our Conference Our Kids. We know that the prayers of the righteous are effective and good. (James 5:16). In order for the children to experience real change in their lives, they need to be supported in body, soul, and spirit. Help comes from the outside in, healing comes from the inside out. We must address the physical and soul needs before we can successfully address the deep healing that happens when a family is introduced to the transforming power of Jesus’ love. <!–split–>

Week of September 5

We are people who are bodies, souls (hearts and minds), and spirits so as we pray for Bishop Beard and for Our Kids we will begin today by praying for physical needs. Next week we will focus on the soul, and finally, the spiritual well-being of the children and their families.

For Bishop Beard—Lord, we know that Bishop Beard is on medical leave and we pray for the journey of healing he is on. May the same Spirit who moved through Jesus’ hands and the mud of the earth for the man who wanted to see, move through today’s healers who reach out to touch his eyes. Even as healing might be incremental, slow, or incomplete, may there be as much as possible and peace on the journey.

Prayer for Us—Lord, we lift our hearts to You and express our gratitude for all of the blessings we enjoy, and too often take for granted. We are sheltered, we are fed, and do not often need to think about how to meet our basic needs. Forgive us when we feel dissatisfied or compare ourselves to others.

Prayer for Our Kids—Lord, we pray for the parents, who worry every day about how they will pay their bills, feed their children and keep them safe. Give them the strength to persevere through hardship and not give up hope. Thank you for the ministries who come alongside them to connect them with community resources.

— Pastor Stan