Parking Lot Church Service Continues In October (FM 98.3)

Safety is our primary concern and we feel we have a simple plan that will allow us to be together and still keep everyone safe.

Worship will be at 10:00 a.m. We ask everyone to enter the parking lot from the 13th Ave. end of the alley and follow the direction of the parking staff. We will all be wearing our bright green shirts. We will not be utilizing the marked parking spaces. Pastor will be standing either on the porch of the parsonage or on the curb in front of the parsonage fence. You will remain in your cars and tune your radio to FM 98.3 If you wish to bring a battery operated radio rather than run your car that would work well, too. The handicap accessible door will be unlocked if you need to use the restroom and someone will be nearby to sanitize the bathroom and door surfaces. The drinking fountain and other parts of the building will not be available. Parking lot staff will pass between cars to collect offering. Please put it in an envelope with your name and the amount written on it. Communion will be distributed in a sterile packet. The service will not be more than 30 minutes. We will exit after the service on the 12th Avenue end of the alley.