Such an important word this year. As you listen to the news and hope to have a vaccine to help us fight against the COVID virus, the reality is the vaccine is not as available as we were hoping for. Trying to get an appointment for the first of two vaccines can be frustrating and challenging. Even thinking how and when the second vaccine will be available is just plain overwhelming. <!–split–>

Many of you have called me to see if I can get you scheduled, which I thank you for doing. I have to schedule as the sites open up with available appointments, it is a slow process, and I am sad to say I am not always successful!

So, this is what we all need to do for a vaccine appointment. We need to wait patiently. The country needs more vaccines produced. Will it be next week or in March? I cannot answer that. However, once production increases and the QC receive more vaccines, it will be abundant and available for those that want the vaccine.

It is difficult to wait, to be patient. Let us support each other, as we know there is hope that this vaccine will be available for all soon! But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.           Romans 8:25 Be well, my friends!

Your Parish Nurse, Kara