The Gratitude Path

Have you ever walked on a path along with your favorites? Like flower patches or show cars or white sands and waves? How do you feel? If you ask me, I feel great! I feel grateful for being on that spot.

In celebration of Stewardship Month, we are reading “The Gratitude Path”, based on the book of the same title by Rev. Kent Millard. Pastor Millard is a gratitude coach and former senior pastor of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. Each Sunday we will walk with Jesus’ Gratitude Path with the hope that we will be able to walk and talk as Jesus did. <!–split–>

We will revisit principles of thanksgiving and giving in Jesus’ Gratitude Path. These principles might be very familiar but we hope to find new inspiration and be motivated to be more grateful. The Gratitude Path has questions for us to ponder. Here are some of them:

Am I living with a grateful heart or hard heart?

How do you give thanks to God in every situation?

What experiences do you have in receiving unexpected blessings in your life?

Is my life characterized by joy and generosity?

Do you believe God still performs miracles in our world?

May we find answers to these questions by God’s guidance and grace. And may we find ourselves enjoying walking on The Gratitude Path every day.

— Pastor Jan