Tim’s Tidbits

Jesus has resurrected.  Spring has sprung.  We see new life and changes happening all around us.

One of those changes is coming with a change in pastor leadership for Bethel Wesley.   If you have not already heard, Myra and I have been appointed to serve the Norris City/Shiloh charge in the Cache River District.  We are very excited to be closer to our families, but at the same time saddened to leave you.  We have met and made new friends in Christ. <!–split–>

In the time that we have spent here there have been some changes take place.  There has been the revitalization of the 9:00 a.m. contemporary worship service.  And with the quarterly combined worship services, I feel that there has been some sense of unity.  While there are still some who stand firm in the fact that they do not like the other worship style, many have been amicable and accepted what is taking place.  But still, progress is being made, and there are sure to be future changes as the church proceeds forward.  Often times baby steps are the best steps we can take.

There has also been a sense of pride with the new fence, landscaping and courtyard at the parsonage.  From what it was when we came to what it is now, it was definitely a needed change and has been a morale booster.

We read in scripture many accounts where Jesus changed the lives of everyone who came into contact with him.  And that is why he was rejected so; because of the change he was bringing to the world.  Hopefully and prayerfully he has changed you over the course of the past two years.

This past Sunday was the closing for the spring QC Emmaus men’s walk.  And the testimonies that the pilgrims share concerning their experience is awesome.  New relationships are forged and old relationships are renewed.  Some are even transformed and changed.

But through it all, God is at work to bring about his will for our lives in special ways, and often in unexpected ways.  As Bethel Wesley moves forward under new pastoral leadership, I pray that the work that was begun, and the changes that have taken place in my tenure will help guide you into the future.

See you Sunday if not before.