Tim’s Tidbits

As I write this article this month, the news media is full of reports concerning violence across our country.  The latest is an ambush on policemen in Baton Rouge, LA.  There have been protest marches; violent acts of crime against police officers and other individuals; and we have to be asking ourselves, “When will it all stop?”  My answer for this is that it won’t stop until  Jesus returns. <!–split–>

Throughout history, even back to biblical days, there has been conflicts, battles, even wars.  Just look at how the Israelite nation conquered the Promised Land.  The only difference is they did it at God’s command.  And when they didn’t follow God’s lead they were always defeated.  They did have periods of peace, and today some countries may experience peace for a period of time, but there is always news of fighting somewhere in our world.

Recently in our worship services I presented some traffic signs that are appropriate for our spiritual journey as well as our physical journey down life’s highway.  Obeying these signs can bring peace to our lives.  In case you missed it the signs were:

STOP – stop sinning resulting in undue pain and hardship.

U-turn – turn to God for repentance and forgiveness.

YIELD – putting other people and their needs before your own.

ONE WAY – there is only one way for salvation and eternal life and that is Jesus.

Kris also talked with the children about signs and some ways we can see God at work in our lives.  When we allow God to work through us, we have peace.  Jill even got in on the act as she shared that we can be signs of peace, God’s peace, using the song lyric “let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

Jesus came as the Prince of Peace.  But because so many people rejected him there was conflict.  Do we lack peace because we have rejected Jesus?

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” (Matthew 5:9)

See you Sunday if not before —   Pastor Tim