Tim’s Tidbits

The past few weeks we have had several opportunities to consider our prayer life as we watched “War Room” and to be actively involved in prayer ministry during our prayer vigil for the school year. <!–split–>

I subscribe to a daily devotional wet site from Max Lucado. The following is from a recent posting that I found interesting concerning prayer and wanted to share it with you. Prayer is a great opportunity to foster relationships and to seek God’s will for our church.

Most of us struggle with prayer. We forget to pray. And when we do, our minds drift; our thoughts scatter like a covey of quail. Why is this? Prayer requires minimal effort. No location is prescribed. No particular clothing is required. Yet you’d think we were wrestling a greased pig.

Satan seeks to interrupt our prayers any way he can. Our battle with prayer isn’t entirely our fault. The Devil knows the stories; he knows what happens when we pray. He knows the Scripture, “Our weapons have power from God that can destroy the enemy’s strong places (2 Corinthians 10:4). Satan is not troubled when Max writes a book or prepares a sermon, but his knobby knees tremble when Max prays.

Satan keeps you and me from prayer. He tries to position himself between us and God. But he scampers like a spooked dog when we move forward in prayer. So let’s do it … let’s pray!

How about starting a prayer group today. Small groups such as prayer and study groups have been instrumental to the life and success of the UMC.

See you Sunday if not before.

Pastor Tim