Walk To Niger Continues . . . .

We have now completed a couple of weeks of our Walk To Niger to help bring wells of fresh, safe water to villages in Niger, Africa. The miles keep adding up! Our team is doing a great job wearing the tread off their sneakers! Next month I will have an up-to-date mileage to report.

If you aren’t walking, you can still help by sponsoring one of our walkers. Donations may be made to Bethel Wesley UMC with “Wells” written in the memo line. 100% of your donation goes to digging, building, and installing new wells.

Thanks to all who are participating in any way.  <!–split–>

Wells4Wellness is a local non-profit organization dedicated to building wells in Niger, Africa.  In the rural, sub-Saharan desert there is little access to clean water.  Unfortunately, a child dies every 20 seconds from the effects of contaminated water.  Join the Bethel Wesley team as we walk here in the Quad Cities to support life-saving clean water for those who live in Niger. It is 6,000 miles from here to Niger.  With enough walkers on our team, we can walk all the way to Niger!  Join our team today!   There are 3 ways you can participate in the Walk for Good Health:

  • Walk and record your miles/steps.
  • Acquire pledges from family and friends (i.e. .10/mile x 300 miles= $30)
  • Make a donation to Wells4wellness.

Our walk started Sunday, March 19 and continues through May 20.  Any activity can count.  We convert the activity into miles. I will have sheets available to convert activities and to keep track of your miles/steps. If interested, see Kara Ade to sign up.

About Wells4Wellness:  Founder Pat Herath is a retired nurse who has traveled on wellness missions to Africa many times.  A missionary friend encouraged her to learn more about the people of Niger and their need for self-sustaining help. Wells4Wellness has committed to building 33 safe and sanitary wells.  Water is essential to reducing poverty and changing lives.  All necessary drilling equipment has been purchased and we have trained a native Niger team to drill and install these wells.  To date, 2 wells have been completed with 6 more in sight.  The drilling team is capable of moving from village to village as the build out continues.  Wells4Wellness is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.  All contributions are tax deductible.

Your walk, their water.  Destination: Niger

Your Parish Nurse,  Kara