Welcome 2022!

Pastor Stan has announced that he will retire next June after 5 years at Bethel Wesley and 43 years of active ministry. We want to keep him in our prayers as he prepares for this life-changing event. The Bishop of Illinois Great Rivers Conference will be meeting to review pastoral assignments with the cabinet (all the District Superintendents) starting in March, and Bethel Wesley will be informed of their recommendations, probably in late April. The new Pastor will begin serving the church July 1st.  <!–split–>

Methodists have what are called itinerant pastors, pastors assigned and re-assigned by the Bishop and the cabinet. The duration of a pastor’s assignment to a congregation is usually 5 years.

We look forward to our last 6 months of Pastor Stan’s leadership, and hope to increase activities after 2 years of pandemic. While the pandemic is still not behind us, we need to increase our efforts to make disciples for Christ for the transformation of the world. We also need to pray for the Bishop and cabinet to find us a new pastor who will continue to help us in our mission.

–Staff Parish Committee