What Happened to the Lazy Days of Summer?

Between memories of “boring” summers from my childhood perspective to last year’s isolated Covid summer, this summer has seemed especially busy in comparison. I am going to share some quick tips and reminders that will get you through the rest of the summer’s activities. Keep your newsletter handy, and read one or two per day, or read them all at once, if you have the time!



Too hot to be outside? You still need fresh air. Get up early to enjoy a walk or sip your morning cup of coffee out on your porch.

Too hot and too busy to cook? Reach for the wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables of the season. Don’t forget to add some protein, like a slice of cheese, a handful of nuts or a hard-boiled egg. Hot weather affects our hydration needs even if you stay in the house all the time. Don’t skimp on your fluids! Drinking water is your best option. Plan ahead and save money and time by filling your water bottle with water before you leave the house. If you have several water bottles you can pre-fill them and store in your refrigerator or freezer for an even quicker get away!

Too hot to move? See tip #1. When staying inside where it’s cool you can increase your movement by walking around your house every time a commercial is on the TV or add some extra movement to your daily chores. Stand on tiptoes when you reach for that higher shelf or knee bends when you empty the dishwasher.


Fresh air, activity and nutrition all play a part in our mental health.

Step away from the screens. Read a book, do a puzzle or take time to enjoy a hobby or craft. (It’s never too early to start on your Christmas cards!)

Hibernation is for bears not people. If you can’t get out of the house reach out to others by way of phone calls and letters or cards. Human contact is essential to our well-being. Schedule intentional quiet time into your life. Constantly running from work to kids’ activities to family gatherings to errands can leave you feeling empty and isolated. Use your quiet time to reflect and recharge.


With all the beautiful gifts of summer and relaxed restrictions of COVID, practice gratitude. Even as the world is in turmoil find your oasis in God. Read the Bible, and/or a daily devotional or listen to a Bible podcast. Comfort and hope can be found in God’s Word. Attend weekly worship and Bible study groups. Being with others in fellowship is healthy for the body, the mind, and the spirit.

Whether your summer is crazy busy or a little bit boring, please take good care of yourself.


Kara Ade, RN, Parish Nurse