Worship Service August 1 at 10:00 AM

2021-07-31 12:49:17 tkhein

Worship Service Starts at 10:00 AM
Scripture – John 6:24-35
Sermon – “The Power of God’s Word”
Pastor Stanley Evans
Musicians – Amie and Michael Callahan Family
Special Music – Valentine Chenus

If you are unable to attend, watch live at 10:00 AM at this link:  Worship Service– or watch a recording of service after 11:00 AM at same link. Service will be broadcast on FM 98.3 in parking lot.

Previous Worship Services at Sermons

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From the desk of Pastor Stan ….. Forgiveness

2021-07-01 16:17:28 pat
What is involved in the practice of forgiving someone—or indeed, being forgiven ourselves? Almost all of us sense the importance of forgiveness, aware as we are of situations and relationships where there has been a breach, or where unresolved conflicts cause harm year after year. Knowing these, we yearn for resolution, for ways of moving toward a future that is free of brokenness. But thinking about forgiveness, - to say nothing of finding the courage to practice it—can be difficult.
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Sports Drinks

2021-07-01 16:26:51 pat
Is Gatorade Bad For You? According to Gatorade’s website, the drink was “born in the lab” when researchers looked at why athletes were falling ill after strenuous exercise in the heat. They found that these athletes were losing electrolytes and fluid with exertion, but not replacing them. Gatorade was developed to replace crucial electrolytes and carbohydrates while hydrating at the same time. While it’s marketed as a sports drink, Gatorade isn’t only consumed by athletes. Children drink it at lunch or after soccer practice, and it’s even developed a reputation as a hangover cure. But while Gatorade may contain less sugar than soda, is it actually good for you?
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