Worship Service March 19 at 10:00 AM

2023-03-17 20:05:16 tkhein

Scripture: 1 Samuel 16:1-13; Ephesians 5:8-14; John 9:1-41
Sermon: “Wake Up Call”
Pastor: Rev. Janice Patria J. Serafica
Musicians: Amie and Michael Callahan Family, Praise Band, Chancel Choir

If you are unable to attend, watch live at 10:00 AM at this link:  Worship Service– or watch a recording of service after 11:30 AM at same link. Service will be broadcast on FM 98.3 in parking lot.

Previous Worship Services at Sermons

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From the Desk of Pastor Jan ….. Burst Into Bloom!

2023-03-04 10:32:00 pat
Last spring, I found this purple crocus in the middle of dry leaves down from the porch where I lived. They are so wonderful, not only because of its colors (which is my favorite though ha, ha, ha ) but because of their design and how they were able to grow after winter and beneath those dry leaves. They were the first flowers I saw that naturally bloom from ground after that winter. For me, Crocus is a symbol of Hope. 
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Six Things To Do Over

2023-03-04 10:44:12 pat

Though fasting is one of the most traditional practices over Lent, there are other ways to honor this time. To help you get started, we’ve put together some ideas.    --Written by Catherine Ryan

Lent is a time to prepare your heart for the mystery and majesty of Christ’s death and resurrection that we celebrate on Easter. You’ve probably heard of people giving up something for Lent. Some call it fasting. People may stop eating chocolate or junk food for these 40 days before Easter. Others may step away from social media during that time. Though fasting is one of the most traditional practices over Lent, there are certainly other ways to honor this time. Lent is simply about growing closer to Christ and reflecting on the events that we celebrate on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. So instead of giving up something for Lent, you may decide to add an activity to your day that helps you reflect on these events. As you think about what you might do differently over Lent to help your faith go deeper, consider what may be best for you and your lifestyle. There are many ways to honor the Lenten season. But to help you get started, we’ve put together some ideas.
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