Worship Service May 9 at 9:50 AM

2021-05-08 10:47:28 tkhein

Scripture – Samuel 1:26-28
Sermon – “Partners With the Lord”
Pastor Stanley Evans
Musicians Amie and Michael Callahan Family
Bethel Wesley Choir

If you are unable to attend, watch live at 9:50 AM at this link:  Worship Service– or watch a recording of service after 10:45 AM at same link. Service will be broadcast on FM 98.3 in parking lot.

Previous Worship Services at Sermons

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From the desk of Pastor Stan . . .

2021-05-05 09:53:42 pat
Most people define love as an emotion – affection, passion, or tender. The Bible however describes love in terms of sacrificial actions. Jesus said, Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friend, in this case it describes love in terms of sacrificial actions. What Jesus did for us!
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If Only I Had Known ...

2021-04-05 10:17:50 pat
Hindsight is 2020, or perhaps more aptly, 2020 is hindsight! Focusing on hindsight can be a positive or negative experience, depending on what we take from it. To be on the negative side of hindsight is to be living with regret. Living with regret prevents us from moving forward toward a fulfilling life.
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