Back to School, Back to Church

Back-to-school vibe is on! Can you feel it? There are mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety, happiness and loneliness, curiosity and fear, feeling of new beginnings yet missing the old and more. We hear different stories about first day of school. Some are hilarious while others are tear-jerking.

Funny though, even those who no longer go to school could still feel the vibes when the school opens or even just passing by the back-to-school section of the grocery store. Why is that so? Dr. Jeffery M. Schwartz, a research psychiatrist who is an expert of neuroscience of habits, explains that repetitive behaviors become habits. These habits can become deeply embedded in our minds and are not readily revised. Going to school every day for more than 15 years formed habits and memories that are so wired in our brain. A relevant stimulus like passing by the back-to-school section of a grocery store can trigger your back-to-school memories together with its feelings and emotions, as if it just yesterday. <!–split–>

Back-to-school is also like the New Year. It sets new beginnings, new experiments to try, new problems to solve, new people to meet too. It brings new opportunities to learn, grow, and develop. And so, we give high value to back-to-school and set high priority to education.

What about back-to-church vibes? Would it not be great if we have similar enthusiasm for church activities like Sunday school, small group meetings, prayer fellowship and alike? Faith growth is in fact life-long learning. In Micah 4:2 it says: “People from many nations will go there. They will say, “Come, let us go up to the Lord’s Mountain. Let’s go to the temple of Jacob’s God. He will teach us how we should live. Then we will live the way he wants us to. The law of the Lord will be taught at Zion. His message will go out from Jerusalem.” The church is the modern time Lord’s Mountain and Temple of Jacob’s God. Through the church, we receive God’s teaching and understand how to live our lives according to God’s will. This is a life-long process, not a one semester deal or a seasonal course.

We went to school and keep sending children to school with the belief that education is an essential part of life. We trust the school, the teachers, and its books to teach us life skills and made us better, successful people. The church is our School, Jesus Christ is our Great Rabbi (Teacher) and the Bible with 66 books is our textbook. The school teaches us to be a better person, but through the church we learn to be the best person God wills us to be. After 2 years of lockdown due to Covid Pandemic, we are now Back-to-Church! We went back to face-to-face worship and some church activities. Do you remember how it feels to be back to church? The door of the church is wide open for more meaningful and enriching ministries this year. On September 18, we will have our Back-to-Church Program. We would like to have programs and ministries with the hope that it will all wired to our brains and soul! Everyone is invited to participate in and share your “bright ideas”. We will start with Potluck Lunch right after the worship service. Bring out your lunch bag and fill it with food to share to your church mates. Just like in school recess. Let us come together, create new things, with excitement and joy! Our Great Teacher is waiting for us. Haven’t you heard Jesus already rang the bell? Let’s go!