From The Desk Of Pastor Jan . . . Purrfect Love

Sweetheart and Honey, my purr-buddies (cats), give Mama and I extra dose of love each day. According to some studies, in a cats’ world affection or love are shown in several ways:  These are purring, bunting, rolling, scratching, kneading, hunting and gifting prey, playing, sleeping, loving eyes, tail curling up, meowing and licking. <!–split–>

Purring (it’s cats’ affectionate hum for me), meowing (cats’ talk) and kneading (I consider it as special massage) are cats’ way of saying they are relaxed, enjoying our company and being loved. Tail curling up is like a flag that says, Hey, I love you! A slow eye blink is considered as cats’ kiss! Bunting (cats’ rubbing their cheeks/heads or head-butting you), licking, and scratching are ways of leaving their scent on you and marking of territory as if saying, I love this person, he/she is mine. Rolling (specially showing their belly) and playing (often they like to do hide and seek) are their greeting expressions and invitation to more fun loving interactions. Sleeping on your lap or beside you, and placing their face with eyes wide open are expressions of trust.

Finally, hunting and gifting prey. Cats with their hunting instincts will share their prey with their family. When they offer you their catch, that means you’re loved, you are their family. I remember back home, I found a dead lizard beside my bed, a loving gift from Jedai, my late Siamese cat. Good thing, here with Honey and Sweetheart, they bring me their toys, no dead prey. Often times, in the morning, I will find them at my bedroom door.

Let us find inspiration from our purr-buddies, to express our love and affection clearly and openly. Just like our cats, let us intentionally purr and pour our love; tell our loved ones how we felt loved by them, how we trust them, create opportunities to have fun and loving interactions and share with them what you have.

1 John 4:19 says, “We love because God first love us.” May the unconditional love we receive from God, be shared and shown unconditionally to each other. A daily dose of purrfect love keeps the negative vibes away.