From the desk of Pastor Stan . . .

Learning to Lead Like Jesus With Discipline—Chapter Six Takeaways
  1. Disciplined leaders establish regular routines that grow their devotion to Jesus.
  2. Disciplined leaders plant their lives by the water of God’s Word, and bear good fruit.
  3. Disciplined leaders are wise not to substitute their warm devotion for cold discipline.
  4. Disciplined leaders are influenced by other disciplined leaders.
  5. Disciplined leaders forgive quickly and remain grateful to God.
  6. Disciplined leaders walk with wise leaders, apply their words, and copy their actions.
  7. Disciplined leaders learn to listen to the Lord and receive His sweet love.
  8. Disciplined leaders are relentless in their pursuit of being still and knowing God.
  9. Disciplined leaders take the time to be present and to live in the present.
  10. Disciplined leaders work in a diligent manner that honors the Lord. <!–split–>
Learning to Lead Like Jesus with Gratitude—Chapter Seven Takeaways

1. Grateful leaders look to the Lord often with heartfelt praise and thanksgiving.

2. Grateful leaders have a pattern of ongoing thankfulness to God and people.

3. Grateful leaders celebrate Christ’s restoration of their lives and the lives of others.

4. Grateful leaders are thankful to God for a nation where we can enjoy the benefits of freedom.

5. Grateful leaders who work for the Lord are able to joyfully serve others.

6. Grateful leaders facilitate home environments of gratitude for their families.