From the desk of Pastor Stan . . .

Most people define love as an emotion – affection, passion, or tender. The Bible however describes love in terms of sacrificial actions. Jesus said, Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friend, in this case it describes love in terms of sacrificial actions. What Jesus did for us! <!–split–>

While it’s rarely necessary to die for the sake of another, true genuine love usually involves some sacrifice. As Christians, we are to show unconditional, selfless love to others just as Jesus did for us. What a pattern Christ set.

Jesus gave his followers a new challenge to love one based on obedience to Him and commitment to follow believers. John 13:34. Our story is a love story. A love story based on love. A story of followers who would be lost were it not for a Savior who was willing to pay the ultimate price for our sins. Jesus paid the price so that we could be free. Free to dream, free to hope. For this I believe that there is “no greater love.” What the savior did for us followers gives me hope, joy, peace and reminds me that Jesus loves us so much that he would lay down his life for his followers.

Some years ago I sang with the Miles College Gospel Choir and we sang a song, “He keeps doing great things for me.” I’ve thought about this song a lot lately. A sacrifice so great that He would give his life for my sin and all He asks for repayment is a devoted life to Him and His followers.

What a love—NO GREATER LOVE.