LOVE – The “Joy” Way

Looking through some reference books here at home, it didn’t take long before I found what I was looking for. I would like to share one of Norman Vincent Peale’s “Spirit Lifters” thoughts for you.   <!–split–>

“Joy has a great therapeutic or healing value; whereas gloom and depression can interrupt our lives’ active processes. One should learn to live the “joy” way. Of coure, that doesn’t mean to take a light view of the difficulties of our lives. Why not think happy thoughts and say happy things and receive the joy of seeing the reaction in the faces of others. This will also help keep your own spirits high.

There is a joy in being a Christian, and we should share it and do the best we can through daily witness.”

May you find and experience the joy, peace, love, and hope that this season affords to all al dare to BELIEVE.

Pastor Stan