Pantry Sunday

Remember to bring your food pantry items!  According to the Feeding America web site, 1 in 8 Americans struggle with hunger.  YOU CAN HELP!  Bring your donation any time, and place in the donation cart. We have two donation carts at Bethel Wesley:  one in the Activity Center (near the kitchen), and the other in the narthex (near coat racks).   Here’s a list of the top 20 food items recommended for donation:  <!–split–>


Canned beans

Canned chicken

Canned fish (tuna and salmon)

Canned meat (SPAM and ham)

Canned vegetables

Cooking oils  (olive and canola)


Dried herbs and spices

Fruit (canned or dried)

Granola bars

Instant mashed potatoes

Meals in a box



Peanut butter


Shelf-stable milk

Soup, stew, and chili

Whole grain cereal