Supplies Needed For Early Responders

Several months ago a group of folks, mostly from Bethel Wesley, became certified Early Responders for natural disasters such as floods or tornadoes. Our job is to report for assistance to homeowners to clear debris, sort out salvageable items, secure damaged dwellings until repairs can be made among other things. <!–split–>

We put out a list earlier of items we may need when responding. Some of these we do not wish to store at the church, but rather need contact names so we can borrow them when needed, including a trailer, ladders, generator. We have also identified a few items that we would like to have in our supply trunks, ready to go when we get a call.

Please, consider a donation of the following items to support this Bethel Wesley Mission:

  • Cleaning Supplies:
    •     Rubber Gloves
    •      Bleach
    •      Sponges
  •      All Purpose Cleaners
  • Leather Work Gloves
  • Protective Eye Wear
  • Hand Sanitizer

Thank you, Your Mission Team