The Spoon River District was asked to pledge $100,000 to help the IGRC Africa University Scholarship Endowment attain a total conference pledge is $1,000,000.  To date they have received $36,000 in pledges from churches and individuals and an additional $3,000 from events  in the District. Each church in the District is being asked to participate in a crusade to accomplish our goal called “Give Up For Lent”.  <!–split–>

They are asking that during the six weeks of Lent every member of each congregation think of one or two items that they would be willing to sacrifice or give up for six weeks.  Every time you would have consumed that item, pray and place a monetary gift aside.  Then bring that loose offering to church and place it in a designated container.  On April 2, 2016 at 3:30 p.m. a celebration worship service will be held at Galesburg 1st UMC featuring Bishop Johnathan Keaton preaching.  There will be a district choir as well as a praise and worship team providing music.   At this service each church is to bring their container, a check with their Lenten offering in it, to be placed on the altar. After the worship celebration at 5:00 pm, four members from every Charge will be treated to a Taste of Africa featuring foods from Africa.  Everyone who has been to Africa or has  African attire is asked to wear it at the worship celebration.