Tim’s Tidbits

We often hear people complain about department stores putting up Christmas decorations too early.  Or that the merchandisers are only thinking of commercial gain.  I have been guilty of this a time or two.  But when we think about the symbols of Christmas, they really can’t be displayed too early.  The wreaths, lights, red bows, decorated trees, presents; all remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. <!–split–>

While on vacation recently in Branson, Myra and I saw several shows, including The Hughes Brothers Christmas Show.  The second half of that show focused on the symbols of Christmas.   I want to share some of their show symbols with you.

The Wreath … eternal love, no beginning nor end.  Love comes full circle.

The Candle … the light of Christ that shines in each of us.

The Gifts … giving, sharing, thinking of others.

The Bow … tied in the bonds of brotherly/sisterly love.

The Bell … rings to bring lost sheep home.

The Tree … the evergreen of everlasting life, pointing heavenward.

The Candy Cane … shepherd’s crook for bringing lambs back to the fold.

The Red … the Savior’s sacrifice for all.

The Star … the Bethlehem star, a sign of prophecy, the light of the world.

Each of these symbols help us to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas – Jesus Christ.

Myra and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you Sunday, if not before – Pastor Tim