Tim’s Tidbits

Myra and I have had numerous conversations over the years stating that it would sure be nice if life would be normal again.  And by that we are thinking about when life was not so hectic and we didn’t have many of the responsibilities that we have today.  But as we have gotten older, and hopefully more mature and wiser, we have come to realize that normal is what is happening now. <!–split–>

I often hear people remark that they are looking for life to return to normal  following the holiday season.  The “Big Day” has come and gone; Christmas has been or will soon be packed away for the next 11 months; life will be less stressful and hectic (we hope); life will return to normal.

For Mary and Joseph their normal has taken a huge hit.  Mary is now the mother of the Son of God.  Joseph, a carpenter, has now taken on the role of Jesus’ father.  Where is their normal?

For anyone who has reared children you know the responsibility.  I have commented it would have been nice if our children came with an instruction manual.  But they don’t and often we learn through OJT (on-the-job training).

As we move forward into 2017, let’s keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our hearts, our homes, our church, our workplace; in everything we say and do.  And always remember the true meaning for not only Christmas, but every season and every day of our life is celebrating and worshiping Jesus Christ.

Let’s not be too busy this year that we don’t live a normal life that includes Jesus Christ.

See you Sunday, if not before.

Pastor Tim