Unwavering Love

Mama, Nanay, Inang, Mommy, Mom, Mathair, Mutter, Madre, Moeder, Uwa, Umi, Eomeoni, and a lot more… these are Mother in different languages around the world. Different language but one universal meaning… Unwavering Love.

Strong, firm, unshakable, does not weaken and steadfast, these are the descriptions of Mother’s unwavering love. I like to believe that mothers will move the heavens and earth to give the best care for their family, especially to their children. Whether the children are 5 months old or over their 50’s (Right, Mama Pat?) their mother’s love continues to nurture them. What’s amazing about the mother’s love is that it is expandable. <!–split–>

Mother’s arms are stretchy enough to embrace people beyond their household. In 1858, Ann Jarvis, pregnant with her sixth child, founded the Mother’s Day Work Clubs in West Virginia. The club’s goal was to improve the health and sanitary conditions of the community. During the American Civil War, they expanded their care to both Confederate and Union wounded Soldiers. After the war, Ann was asked to help mend post-war strife between soldiers. In 1868 at Taylor County Courthouse in Pruntytown WV, Ann and her club members organized Mothers’ Friendship Day to help in the healing process. She shared a message about unity and reconciliation to the veterans and their families. Ann was a Sunday School Teacher. She served as superintendent of Primary Sunday School Department of St Andrew’s Methodist Episcopal for 25 years.

It was in Ann Jarvis’ honor that we have Mother Day’s Celebration today. In memory and honor of Ann Jarvis, the first Mother’s Day service was held in St Andrew’s Methodist Episcopal on May 10, 1908. With Anna, Ann’s daughter perseverance, the second Sunday of May was declared National Mother’s Day in 1914. Today, we continue to honor all mothers in the whole world. I am so blessed to have two mothers from opposite sides of the world, whose unwavering love pampers and sustains me. Mama Pat, who brought me to this world-fiftyish years ago braved herself to come here to Moline, Illinois (to make sure I eat well ). It was her first time to travel alone and first trip outside the Philippines. She supports and inspires me in my ministry. Mom Linda, who welcomed me (a stranger, a foreigner) in their home in Macomb in 2021 treated me like a daughter. She took extra miles helping me in my transition in America. And she still does even though we are now miles apart. Life is good with a mother. In my case, life is better and more blessed with two beautiful, loving mothers around me.

In Proverbs 31:31 says, “Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” This Mother’s Day, let us honor all who share their unwavering love for us. Let us love them back to the fullest. Happy Mother’s Day!