Welcome Pastor Jan!

Consider The Lilies

I love flowers! I was happy to see varieties of them around the church premises, especially the gorgeous lilies at the back of the parsonage. So, when Karen asked me to pose for a photo shoot with the lilies, I gladly and willingly flash my widest smile! <!–split–>

Those lovely lilies reminded me of the hymn, “Consider the Lilies How Stately They Grow” written by Alice Brotherton (1905) with these verses:

     Consider the lilies how stately they grow,

     They toil not, they spin not, No seed do they sow.

     Yet they bloom all the summer, so shining and tall.

     The Father, who loves them, takes thot for them all.

      Consider the lilies, consider the lilies, consider the lilies,

     Yet they bloom all the summer, so shining and tall.

     The Father, who loves them, takes thot for them all.

This hymn resonates one of Jesus’ messages in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:28-34) about God’s providential grace. He used the lilies to tell the people of God’s caring and nurturing character.

Lilies are delightful reminder of God’s presence and a call for complete trust in God.

At this time of COVID-19 Pandemic, worldwide economic turmoil, political, religious, and social conflicts, as well as personal problems remind us of Jesus’ call for stronger faith in the Lord Almighty. All my life, I am a recipient of God’s providential grace. A very recent blessing I got was through the friendship of our very own Mary Ann Harvey and Phyllis Self. Through Mary Ann’s recommendation Phyllis gave me “bedroom showcase” that are more than enough to fill our parsonage. Thank you, Mary and Phyllis! It is a “consider the lilies” kind of faith story. I believe, you also have your own “consider the lilies” faith story to tell.

     And so, every time we see the lilies, let us be grateful and be assured of      God’s loving grace.

     When we are in the worry-zone, consider the lilies how stately they               grow.

     When we are over-burdened, consider the lilies, they toil not, no seed           do they sow.

     When we are in heated situations, consider the lilies, they bloom all              the summer, so shining and tall.

     When all other fails us, consider the lilies, The Father, who loves them,          takes thot for them all!

 – Pastor Jan